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To whom can players direct questions?


Individual questions can be addressed to:



Does the Team have values and policies for player conduct?

Yes, and in addition to UCBA policies, the Board has adopted the Jr. NBA Star Program.  It is important to always demonstrate respect and success to fellow players and all associated with the organization.  We have been formally meeting with the NBA/CBF and will keep you informed as we go forward.  The alignment of these values for the UCBA Team is part of progress in our discussions. 

Jr. NBA Values

S - Sportsmanship

- Teamwork

A - Attitude

R - Respect

What are the dates of the SEA Games?

21 November to 2 December, 2021, in Hanoi, Vietnam


In what competitions will the National Basketball Team compete?

3X3 and 5X5.  Player selection will be done by the Coach for each event.


How will the UCBA team be selected?

All interested candidates (Men and Women) must register via After reviewing the application the candidates will be invited for a Zoom interview with the perspective coach (Men or Women) to discuss an overview of the process. The final decision on team selection will be made by input from the entire UCBA board. More on this to follow.


How/when will the UCBA team practice since we live in different States and/or countries, especially with COVID-19?

It will be difficult to conduct tryouts and practices with COVID-19. We will determine viable alternatives (individual skill sessions, Zoom discussions, etc.) to help individual players.

What is process for credentials for Cambodia passport and SEA Games?

Two tracks: Immigration for Passport, and, SEA Game registration. Both through the UCBA to the CBF through Coach Austin and H. E. Sethycheat Ouk. Flexibility and quick responses are a must.


When do Team members need to report to Cambodia for the 2021 SEA Games?

TBD, we will fly, as a team, to Phnom Penh, the exact date has not yet been determined, but it will be before the start of the SEA Games on November 21, 2021. Details and itinerary still a work in progress.


What costs will players incur?

Airfare to/from Phnom Penh, plus personal spending money.  Once in Cambodia, costs for lodging and food are covered by the CBF.  Airfare and lodging at the SEA Games are covered by the CBF.


Emergency phone number in Cambodia for family contact?

012434182 (local Phnom Penh – direct mobile) – Coach Austin. 

Also, any of the UCBA Board members through Messenger.  


Where will I stay and eat in Cambodia?



When will the team travel to Hanoi?

TBD, arranged by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 


Will I receive a uniform?

Yes, everyone will receive two uniforms - Light and Dark.

The UCBA is now working with the CBF on the standards and design.


When does the team return to Phnom Penh?

TBD, the date will be based on the Team’s performance.   


Where does the team stay in Hanoi?

TBD, lodging location is provided through the host committee. 


What activities will be in Phnom Penh prior to SEA Games?

Practices, conditioning and several Public Relation events that all team members will be required to attend. Some include: media interviews, visitation to local schools, basketball clinics for local youths, US Embassy receptions, and other events as scheduled. Flexibility will be the key, it will be a busy schedule before leaving for Hanoi. (see below)


What will my schedule be in Phnom Penh?

As you are a member of the National Team, all activities will be coordinated through the UCBA and Coach Austin – both personal and team activities.  The UCBA/CBF has a responsibility for personal safety and coordinating the best performance for the team. The CBF has informed us that they will require coordination and approval for all activities of the Team members.  The UCBA will assist with this coordination.


Media contact and social media postings?

The Ministry, the CBF, and the National Team have restrictions on media contact and player postings.  All media will be subject to National Team and UCBA approval.  Even personal FB postings could affect team and player eligibility as they are reviewed by host countries and host organizations.  There will be press time outlined and scheduled pre-SEA Games in Phnom Penh. The UCBA/CBF will provide information and guidelines when in Phnom Penh.  The CBF is requiring that there be no press contact by players without UCBA/CBF permission.


Can family and friends come to the SEA Games?

Yes, of course, if that is possible it will add another positive dimension to your participation.  However, they will not be credentialed and will not have access to the restricted areas for the Team or official Team activities.  However, they will be welcomed in public areas or open activities of the team.  Please remember:  When traveling for the SEA Games you are 100% under the activities and supervision of the UCBA/CBF and the National Team.  However, you will be able to schedule personal time and enjoy contact and activities with friends and relatives.  These times just need to be coordinated and approved.  (e.g. NOT APPROVED: going to a nightclub until 3 am, if there is an 8 am practice in the morning; APPROVED: going with family or friends but being back at a reasonable hour for proper rest).  It will all be very practical and easy…but necessary.


What about immunizations and health topics while in Cambodia/Vietnam?

We will post health and immunization information by two individuals who will serve as UCBA Team Advisors on Health.  One is a Registered Nurse Practitioner and the other is a Registered Nurse specializing in Infectious Diseases. 


Will More FAQ’s be posted?

Yes, we will update with more information as we receive and develop it.  Please check for the updates when posted.  In the meantime, you can get information and answer any questions through the contacts above.

USA Cambodia Basketball Association 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

July 6, 2020

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